Anti-immunomodulatory activity

The immunomodulatory deeds of the polar fraction of C. longa hot water extracts were investigated using human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). The tall polarity fragment of the hot water extract was exhibited stimulatory effects as regards PBMC proliferation by (methyl-3H)-thymidine union investigation. The immunostimulatory effects of C. longa polysaccharides on the subject of PBMC revealed the potential use of curcuminoids and polysaccharides as an adjuvant assistant for cancer patients whose immune movement were suppressed during chemotherapies.13 The antiproliferative proceedings of the curcuminoids and two turmerones (a-turmerone and Ar-turmerone) compounds were by yourself from the rhizome of C. longa using human cancer cell lines HepG2, MCF-7and MDA-MB-231. Curcuminoids and a-turmerone significantly inhibited proliferation of cancer cells in a dose dependent environment. Two turmerones are shown stimulatory effects on the order of PBMC proliferation and cytokine production. The critical of-proliferative effect of curcuminoids, a-turmerone and immunomodulatory activities of Arturmerone revealed the potential use of curcuminoids and turmerones as a chemopreventive agent.
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