Quality and innovative healthcare products from Qualified Health care Professionals.


Super Health Direct is a company owned by medically qualified professionals with 25 years experience who are keen to help wider population for better health using natural products rather than chemicals. They believe that natural and nature derived products can do a lot of good to the body and increase the longevity of internal organs as well as whole body . This is particularly important because we are living in a highly contaminated environment. Super Health products are produced in United Kingdom in highly regulated environment to keep extremely high quality , precise formulation and super effectivity. The products are tried and tested to give the intended benefit. You pay low price because you get quality products direct from manufacturers.

  • Our Vision

    • Good Service
    • For Community
    • Long Term Development
    • Save Our Planet
    • Help People
  • Our Promise

    • Sustainable Relationship
    • Renew Commitment
    • Provide The Best Solution
    • Profitable Relationship
    • Adapt With People's Needs
  • Our Mision

    • Change The Habits
    • Eat Healthy
    • Think Self Care
    • Daily Exercise
    • Safer & Better Life