Anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities of other turmeric compounds

In put in to compounds discussed, monoterpenes from turmeric may along with account for its comings and goings. The most common of these monoterpenes are ascaridol [124], borneol [125], carvacrol [126, 127], carvone [128], cymene [129], geraniol [130], limonene [131], linalool [132], -pinene [133], terpinolene [134], and thymol [135]. Among these monoterpenes, carvacrol, geraniol, and limonene have epoch-privileged considerable attention on zenith of the years. These monoterpenes are not specific to turmeric and are capacity in the vital oil from supplementary flora and fauna. However, because of demonstrated potential, these monoterpenes might contribute to turmerics anticancer and contrary to-inflammatory procedures.
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