Radioprotective or radiosensitizing effect

Curcuminoids are skillfully antioxidant polyphenols as soon as radiomodulatory properties, radioprotecting non-cancerous cells even though radiosensitizing tumor cells. Lopez-Jornet et al69 investigated the possible protective effects of lycopene and CUR on the subject of the parotid glands of 40 female Sprague Dawley rats during irradiation ofradiotherapy. Morphological and histopathological analyses showed less cell necrosis in the intervention treated bearing in mind CUR than supplementary groups. Lycopene and CUR unmodified 24 h back irradiation edited the structural flashing to the salivary glands. Sebastia et al70 reported the dual discharge faithfulness viz radioprotecive and radiosensitive of polyphenols presence in CUR. They proposed for the observed radiosensitization is connected to the G2-checkpoint abrogation by compromising its effectiveness to arrest the damaged cells in the G2-phase, resulting in a significant extraction in the comply of radiation-induced chromatid breaks. These polyphenols exert simultaneously a dual mode of doing but the overall radioprotective or radiosensitizing net effect would depend upon the cell-cycle status of the cells at the period of irradiation.
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